2023 MKV Inductee into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame – Gary Booth

While there are countless unsung heroes throughout history that are deserving of great recognition and appreciation, few have dedicated their retirement years to creating a better and more sustainable world that will be led by future generations to come. One such older adult, Gary Booth, has done just that.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Gary has stayed connected with his roots as he seeks to elevate the community through various scholarships, academic support, economic research, and green energy projects. His “retirement” is spent dedicated to helping today’s students gain the skills needed to change tomorrow’s future.

After earning his doctorate in organic chemistry from Ohio State University, Gary went on to work at Procter & Gamble as a phenomenally successful research manager. During his 31-year career at P&G, Gary contributed to the development of well-known products such as Bounty paper towels, Pantene shampoo, Crest toothpaste, Folgers coffee, and many more items that have now become a staple in most households.

In 2008, Gary and his wife, Jane, established the Booth Scholarship Fund for Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio State. The goal of this scholarship fund is to provide fully covered educational opportunities for future generations of chemists regardless of their financial limitations. Both Gary and his wife also serve as mentors for each recipient of the Booth Scholarship Fund allowing them to mentor the students both professionally and academically. In 2016, Gary was awarded the Ohio State University Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his efforts in educating and mentoring the next generation of scientists and chemists.

Gary also remains a dedicated Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) alumnus, helping provide underserved students with scholarships and the emotional support necessary to succeed in college. He has also been a driving force behind creating a more sustainable environment. His company, Starshine Energy, has built six solar farms in Kentucky. Three of these are at schools, including Eastern Kentucky and Morehead State Universities, and allow students to mine data and learn more about the production of power and the process of extracting valuable information from a large database.

The Starshine Energy solar farms are only a portion of his solar projects. For over 20 years, he has worked with SonLight Power—a Christian organization that focuses on bringing power to poor communities by installing solar panels in Guatemala, Haiti, and Africa.

Gary is highly involved in the economic development of Ohio and Kentucky. For a decade he has chaired a team of alumni who mentor professors at Ohio State University in developing businesses from their research. And in Kentucky, he actively mentors and funds a team of high school boys who believe they can grow the world’s best strawberries hydroponically.

Other prestigious accomplishments include receiving an honorary doctoral degree from EKU in 2005, being among the first to receive the EKU College of Science Award in 2017 due to his impactful contributions and receiving an honorary Doctor of Science degree and professorship in chemistry from St. Petersburg University in Russia.

When Gary made the move to Maple Knoll Village retirement community, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the fall of 2020 his passion for creating a more sustainable future only increased. He is an enthusiastic member of the resident Arboretum and Sustainability Committees and has used his expertise to advise on ways Maple Knoll can reduce their carbon emissions, especially when it comes to new construction on campus. He has helped provide management with insight into new tax laws that provide incentives for sustainability projects, assisted architects and engineers to determine how new buildings can be carbon neutral, and has championed fundraising efforts for The Maple Knoll Communities’ Foundation sustainability projects.

His selfless disposition and generous heart continue to make a difference in the lives of every person he meets. His passion for sustainability is contagious and makes everyone around him excited for the future.

Learn more about this prestigious induction here: Ohio Department of Aging announces class for 2023 Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame | Department of Aging

Technology Allows Older Adults to Thrive at Award Winning Community

Maple Knoll Communities was recently awarded the Silver Anthem Award for Community Engagement and Responsible Technology.

Maple Knoll Communities has successfully implemented technology into the daily lives of our residents, creating a community that is engaged with and thrives off of technology. Recent technology innovations include Care Predict Tempo watches, virtual reality programs, a resident app, and regularly scheduled technology classes. The leaders of these innovations include Andy Craig, Chief Innovation Officer, and Mark Plunkett, Corporate Director of Information Technology.

Creating community wide engagement with technology is at the core of our Information Technology department and can be seen by our staff’s patient and positive dispositions. Residents enjoy regular access to the ServUS Technology Resource Center. This space is designed to introduce residents to new technology and help them find ways to integrate smart devices into their daily lives by receiving one-on-one help with their questions.

Monthly technology classes with small groups of their peers allow residents to feel confident and connected with technology subjects such as streaming services, social media, using smartphones, and the Resident App. All of these opportunities are designed to allow our residents to become more familiar with technology.

Engagement with technology is at an all-time high on our campus. By creating an environment that is positive and patient surrounding technology, residents feel more comfortable learning and trying new things. They are excited for and welcome any technology that allows them to thrive and enjoy life!

Learn more about technology about Maple Knoll Village here.

The Hemsworth Wellness Center Welcomes the Community Once Again

Located on the Maple Knoll Village campus, the Hemsworth Wellness Center has been a beloved wellness facility to residents for many years. Prior to the pandemic, the Hemsworth Wellness Center also served the Tri-County area including seniors residing in the Glendale, Wyoming, Forest Park, Springdale, Princeton, Sharonville, and Fairfield neighborhoods.

We are excited to announce that beginning today, March 1, the Wellness Center will once again be open to our friends in the surrounding neighborhoods with the return of the Silver Sneaker program!

The staff at the Hemsworth Wellness Center are dedicated to the overall health and well-being of all members. A whole-person approach is emphasized to personal health by encouraging members to develop, improve, and balance their entire well-being.

The Hemsworth Wellness Center is located at 11100 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45246. To learn more about class schedules, please visit our webpage or call us at 513-782-4340.

An Award Winning Community

With so many misconceptions surrounding senior living communities and older adults, many people view senior living communities in a negative light and look at older adults as having mundane, inactive lifestyles. The active, bright, and out-of-the box media presence of Maple Knoll Communities’ programs and services has helped to dispel these misconceptions regarding seniors through numerous national accolades this year.

Below is an exhaustive list of all awards won July 2021 – June 2022

Apex Awards
MKV Facebook & Instagram – Award for Public Excellence – Social Media Sites

Telly Awards
Happily Ever After commercial – Bronze Winner – Non-Profit
Life is Better with a Little Craziness commercial – Bronze Winner – Non-Profit
Life is Better with a Little Craziness commercial – Bronze Winner – Local TV
TKO I Still Got It commercial – Bronze Winner – Non-Profit

Davey Awards
Never a Dull Moment commercial – Gold Winner – Best Use of Humor
Never a Dull Moment commercial – Gold Winner – General Non-Profit
Never a Dull Moment commercial – Silver Winner – Best Videography

DotCOMM Awards
Virtual Reality commercial – Platinum Winner – Non-Profit
Happily Ever After commercial – Platinum Winner – Non-Profit
Iconic Movie Posters Remade – Gold Winner – Facebook
Iconic Album Covers Remade – Gold Winner – Instagram
14 Days of Valentines – Gold Winner – Instagram
TKO Uncorked and Livin’ It Up – Platinum Winner – Retirement Community Commercial
TKO Uncorked and Livin’ It Up – Platinum Winner – Non-Profit

Ava Digital Awards
Levels of Care booklet – Gold Winner – Content Marketing E-book

Marcom Awards
The Retirement Resource – Gold Winner – Print Media/External Newsletter

McKnights Tech Awards
Telehealth – Bronze Winner – Quality category for technology

Communicator Awards
Do Blondes Have More Fun? – Award of Distinction – Print Advertising
Kickoff Your Retirement Living – Award of Distinction – Newspaper Ad

W3 Awards
Virtual Reality commercial – Silver Award – Non-Profit
Virtual Reality commercial – Silver Award – Best use of visual effects/motion graphics

Viddy Awards
This is Where I’m Supposed to Be commercial – Gold Winner – Retirement Community commercial
Happily Ever After commercial – Gold Winner – Retirement Community commercial
Virtual Reality commercial – Platinum Winner – Retirement Community commercial
TKO I Still Got It commercial – Platinum Winner – Retirement Community commercial

Cincinnati’s Best of the Best 2021
Best Senior Rehab Center
Best Senior Living
Best Senior Care Facility
The Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center – Best Preschool

2021 Greater Cincinnati Non-Profit of the Year Awards
Best Assisted Living Facility

MKV Resident Inducted into the Senior Citizen Hall of Fame

For some older adults, retirement might mean taking it easy, traveling the world, and relaxing. But for Maple Knoll Village resident, John Anderson, slowing down was never a part of the plan.

John has always had a passion for helping others that began long before he retired. During his time working at Procter and Gamble, John participated in the creation of P&Gs technology help center which continues to flourish today. After many well spent years at P&G, John decided to kick off his retirement by immediately starting to work again, only this time, he wasn’t getting paid.

He became a “friendly visitor” volunteer for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and has remained in this role for over 20 years. He has also spent a lot of time teaching illiterate adults to read through the Laubach Literacy program, assisted visually impaired older adults through local senior services, as well as volunteers with local Boy Scout troops.

In 2010, he made the move to Maple Knoll Village in order to receive extra care for his wife that had been diagnosed with Alzheimer ’s disease. As an individual who has spent a significant amount of time caring for his spouse, he has become a valuable and trusted resource among his peers in the community. He allows the nursing staff at Maple Knoll Village to share his contact information with others struggling to care for their spouse as he has been through it himself and can provide a unique perspective and support.

Additionally he serves as an intergenerational mentor with engineering and nursing students of the University of Cincinnati. He also regularly volunteers at the Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center by reading books to the students and spending time with them.

Recently, John was inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame to celebrate the many ways he continues to impact his community. This induction honors Ohioans that are over the age of 60 and go above and beyond to make their community, state, and nation stronger.

There is no one in the Cincinnati area more deserving of this award than John Anderson and we are so honored to have him be a part of our Maple Knoll Village community.

Award Winning Breese Manor Continues it’s Winning Streak

Having three meals a day prepared for you, resort-style amenities at your fingertips, and continuous recreational programming provided might sound like a dream vacation. But for the residents living at Breese Manor Assisted Living, this is just their daily life!

The goal of the staff at Breese Manor is to help their residents relax and enjoy themselves as much as possible. Assisted living care is often provided to older adults who want to maintain their independence, but need assistance with activities of daily living. Personal care assistants and licensed practical nurses conduct regular safety and wellness checks and each resident has access to an emergency call system providing them with confidence they need to live life to the fullest.

At Breese Manor, located at Maple Knoll Village, we believe that your golden years are your best years. And with all of their medical needs taken care of, it’s no wonder Breese Manor residents are busy being active and social. You will often find residents of Breese Manor skydiving or traveling to Venice via their Virtual Reality headsets, enjoying a glass of champagne while they receive a manicure, or trying out a new hobby like gardening or painting.

Breese Manor recently expanded services to residents with the addition of memory support services. The Memory Support Wing is specially designed for those with assisted living needs and memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Residents enjoy a setting that is as secure as it is comfortable featuring a dedicated entrance, nurses onsite 24/7 and individualized activities based on cognitive abilities.  Our advanced monitoring systems allow the freedom to move about our common areas freely, while help is always just a moment away.  

As a leading nonprofit assisted living community, Breese Manor is proud to be named as the Number 1 Assisted Living Facility in the Greater Cincinnati Non-Profit of the Year awards for the third year in a row!

Maple Knoll Village Launches Live Cooking Demonstrations

cooking with chris

With the recent addition of our 24-Hour Marketplace on Main, Maple Knoll Village now has the space available to host cooking demonstrations for residents. Chris Jenkins, Morrison Living’s Assistant Director of Food Service, recently launched a new program for residents called Cooking with Chris.

In this new program, residents are able to attend a live cooking demonstration in which Chris will prepare and cook various recipes in the Marketplace. Each participant receives a copy of the recipes being prepared and can ask questions throughout the presentation. The best part? Residents get to enjoy all of the yummy food prepared after the demonstration!

View the August Cooking with Chris recipes here!

Maple Knoll Village Focuses on Going Green

a lightbulb and a plant showing maple knoll village focusing on going green

Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community located in Cincinnati, knows the importance of going green and intertwines green living in everyday actions and plans. Maple Knoll’s journey towards becoming a greener and more sustainable community started from the top with a commitment from Administration.  In December of 2020, Maple Knoll’s newest construction, a senior residential neighborhood, was named a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes awardee with Platinum status, the highest LEED level of certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. 

This status was achieved in partnership with HCG Construction, Luminat, and Sol Design & Consulting.  There is a lack of green homes in the market and we wanted to be one of the first to create a retirement living option with a priority placed on reducing our carbon footprint from the beginning of construction. Key design features of these LEED Platinum certified homes include: storm water capture and water efficient irrigation systems, energy star roof shingles and appliances, high efficiency gas furnaces, tank less gas water heaters, high performance E windows and doors, LED lighting fixtures, air tight building envelope with performance testing and continuous insulation, use of recycled and locally sourced building materials and roughed-in electric in each garage for optional electric car charger stations.

Following the lead of Maple Knoll management, an Arboretum Committee at Maple Knoll Village was created when a group of residents saw the beauty of our 54-acre campus filled with many species of trees and lush greenery and wanted to create an enhanced awareness of trees and plant life for everyone on our campus. To ensure that people can enjoy and utilize the benefits trees provide, the arboretum committees’ priorities are to protect existing trees, increase the selection and diversity of species, and improve planning, standards, and care for trees.

The Arboretum at Maple Knoll Village was founded recognizing the value and importance of this natural environment for residents’ health and wellbeing.  Becoming a more sustainable community has always been a high priority for Maple Knoll Village as they are continuously planning for the future. Since the founding of the Maple Knoll Village Arboretum, there has been an increased interest campus wide on improving Maple Knoll Village’s efforts to go green. This motivated residents to launch a new sustainability committee.

While the committee is still very new, residents have already been hard at work brainstorming innovative ways our campus can reduce our carbon footprint and teach residents how they can live more sustainable lives. Resident efforts include the recent creation of a shared vegetable and herb garden planted and maintained by the MKV Community Garden Club. All produce that is grown from this garden is available to residents providing a fun and social way for residents to get involved in gardening.  Committee members are devoted to educating their neighbors on how their use of electricity, water, and gas affects the environment and utilities at Maple Knoll in monthly resident newsletters and publications.

The Sustainability Committee also recently worked with local St. Xavier High School students this past year to conduct a carbon footprint study of Maple Knoll. Committee members attend the St. Xavier High School engineering student presentations. The committee was thoroughly impressed with how informed and educated the high school students were in their study and recommendations and plan to implement many of their ideas in addition to continuing this partnership well into the future.  Involving the community in sustainability efforts is very important in planning for the Architectural Design Professor from the University of Cincinnati DAAP School to present on the concept of green roofs to the Sustainability Committee is already underway. Future goals of the committee include securing funding from resident and public gifts as well as environmental grants, identifying clear short term and long term goals, and research electronic alternatives for the Maple Knoll Village company fleet vehicles.

Maple Knoll Village continues to evaluate our efforts towards creating a more sustainable community and has committed to ensuring that all future construction additions will highlight green efforts.  For additional information on ways Maple Knoll Village is going green please call 513-782-2423.

Breese Manor Becomes Pet Friendly!

Older man with Pet

Maple Knoll Village is proud to announce that Breese Manor Assisted Living apartments are now pet friendly providing the perfect living space for you and your furry friend!

Owners and their pets may reside in Breese Manor Assisted Living at Maple Knoll Village on a case by case basis.  Changes to the policy can be made at the discretion of Maple Knoll Village administration.  Exceptions will be made as necessary.  Wild or exotic animals, ferrets, or the like are not permitted.  Pets must be housebroken.  New pets may not be acquired after establishing residency at Maple Knoll without written administrative approval.

All pets shall be in good health and have a preventive health plan established by a veterinarian which complies with the recommendations of the ASPCA.  The health plan shall include an annual physical examination, rabies vaccination as required, parasite control and other medical testing appropriate for the species. Residents must provide vaccination records at time of move in.

The resident is solely responsible for the care of the pet.  When a pet owner is away from the apartment overnight, arrangements must be made to board the pet away from the facility.  It is recommended that the resident establish an agreement with another party to remove the pet should the resident experience a health emergency.  If necessary, administration will place the pet in a boarding facility at the resident’s expense until other arrangements can be made.