Maple Knoll Communities was recently awarded the Silver Anthem Award for Community Engagement and Responsible Technology.

Maple Knoll Communities has successfully implemented technology into the daily lives of our residents, creating a community that is engaged with and thrives off of technology. Recent technology innovations include Care Predict Tempo watches, virtual reality programs, a resident app, and regularly scheduled technology classes. The leaders of these innovations include Andy Craig, Chief Innovation Officer, and Mark Plunkett, Corporate Director of Information Technology.

Creating community wide engagement with technology is at the core of our Information Technology department and can be seen by our staff’s patient and positive dispositions. Residents enjoy regular access to the ServUS Technology Resource Center. This space is designed to introduce residents to new technology and help them find ways to integrate smart devices into their daily lives by receiving one-on-one help with their questions.

Monthly technology classes with small groups of their peers allow residents to feel confident and connected with technology subjects such as streaming services, social media, using smartphones, and the Resident App. All of these opportunities are designed to allow our residents to become more familiar with technology.

Engagement with technology is at an all-time high on our campus. By creating an environment that is positive and patient surrounding technology, residents feel more comfortable learning and trying new things. They are excited for and welcome any technology that allows them to thrive and enjoy life!

Learn more about technology about Maple Knoll Village here.

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  1. Staying engaged with new technologies keeps you young mentally.

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