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The MKC Annual Report - A Story Worth Sharing

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This past year, Maple Knoll Communities continued to focus on executing the right strategies, partnerships, and action plans to ensure that we remain well positioned to serve in the future. We can proudly say that the pandemic no longer defined our year. Instead, our work of enriching the lives of those we serve overshadowed COVID-19 concerns, and we saw a sense of normalcy return to our campuses.

Occupancy began to return to pre-COVID levels and waiting lists grew at both campuses. Discussions on future Independent Living expansion opportunities began as studies have shown that 1 in 4 adults will be the age 60 or older by 2025.

Over the past year, we saw changes in key leadership positions with the retirement of Jim Formal. We remain committed to our mission and are invested in the growth of our services. Providing the best resident and staff experience is vital to the success of our organization in an ever-changing market.

What we do is only possible because of the support of our residents, staff, families, volunteers, and community partners. Our campuses benefited from more than 14,000 volunteer hours showing the impact our organization can have when working with the community. So much of what we have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish, is done through building strong relationships with donors and by embracing mutual respect. Fundraising efforts once again proved fruitful as donations soared to over $2,000,000 during this fiscal year alone.

In a year of ongoing challenges, Maple Knoll has continued our commitment to strategically plan for the future and aligning with like-minded organizations to better serve our communities. What had functioned well in the past, required updating. The question was, and continues to be, “what services, facilities and relationships do we need to meet the needs of our current residents and prepare for the future?”

As we look towards the future, we are excited to combine efforts with BHI Senior Living to develop innovation, create efficiencies, and improve the overall quality of care across our campuses. This unique partnership sets us up with a blank canvas to create our own future, however we see best defined.

In this Annual Report, we dive into these concepts as we share the many stories of collaboration and partnership throughout the prism of life at Maple Knoll Communities. I invite you to join us on our journey and revisit memories throughout the year which have allowed us to improve programs and services, provide a rewarding workplace, strengthen the outreach of senior care in the community, and make Maple Knoll Communities the best place to retire.


Timothy McGowan President of Maple Knoll Communities

Fred Robbins, Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Archives

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