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Maple Knoll Leadership

​Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. is led by a team of people who are committed to the care of older adults not only within our residences but within our larger communities. At the top of this team of leaders is James Formal, President and CEO of Maple Knoll Communities. Formal has a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration. He began his tenure at Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. in December, 2003.

Previously, Formal served as Vice President of Healthcare Services for LifeLink Corporation in Chicago (1993-2003). He also is a founding member and former chairman of the Health Resources Alliance, a group of 15 faith-based not-for-profit organizations.

Executive Administration

Jim Formal-CEO

James Formal

President and Chief Executive Officer

Timothy McGowan

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
Jim Stahl

Jim Stahl

Chief Financial Officer

Beth Thress

Vice President of Human Resources
Andy Craig

Andy Craig

Chief Innovation Officer

Megan Ulrich

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

To contact a member of the administration at Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. please call 513.782.2400.

Board of Directors

Fred Robbins-First Vice Chairman

Fred Robbins

Dave Wallace-Board Member

David Wallace

First Vice Chairman
Marilyn Hoskins

Marilyn Hoskins

Second Vice Chairman
Kurt Marty-Treasurer

Kurt Marty

David Zuidema-Corporate Secretary

David Zuidema

Corporate Secretary

Board Members

Tamilyn Bakas-Board Member

Tamilyn Bakas

Pat Bennett-Board Member

Pat Bennett

John Bloomstrom-Chairman

John Bloomstrom

Steve Komrska-Board Member

Steve Komrska

Susan Lang-Board Member

Susan Lang

Lynn Larson-Board Member

Lynn Larson

Kurtis Lindemann

Kurtis Lindemann


Frank Scalcucci

Jodi Sobotka

Jodi Sobotka

Woodrow Uible-Board Member

Woodrow Uible