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Hospice Care at Maple Knoll Village

The Richard Neubauer, M.D. and John Hughes Hospice Center at Maple Knoll Village is dedicated to providing hospice patients with quality end-of-life care. Our compassionate and skilled nursing staff provide individualized comfort care and support to the residents and their families.

The center is overseen by University of Cincinnati Physicians and Center consists of ten deluxe private rooms and a family lounge area. We strive to enhance the lives of residents facing a terminal illness by providing symptom management, short-term respite care, residential care, and general support throughout the end of life journey. In collaboration with the resident’s current hospice provider, The Richard Neubauer, M.D. and John Hughes Hospice center completes the continuum of care at Maple Knoll Village.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care provides physical, psychological, social and spiritual support for those who are in their last stages of a terminal illness or life.

Many individuals who are experiencing terminal and chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, dementia. and kidney failure use hospice as a way to prepare for the last stages of their journey. In addition, hospice care can help families cope with the forthcoming loss of a loved one through counseling and respite care.

Benefits of Hospice Care

Watching a loved one go through their final stages of life is hard for everyone involved. Hospice care provides comprehensive care that supports both the individual and their family members through this difficult time.

Hospice care at Maple Knoll Village is provided in a home-like setting allowing patients to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Hospice also provides a comprehensive care plan, which takes the burden off of family members and allows them to spend quality time with their loved one without worrying for the future.