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For 175 years, Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. has shone a light on senior needs and has provided a safe harbor for older adults.

Today, we serve as a guiding light for older adults by providing care and services to over 33,000 individuals nationally and over 3,500 locally. The need for these services continues to grow as our aging population increases.

Contributions to the Maple Knoll Communities Foundation Annual Fund Campaign are vital to those we serve and 100% of donations go towards designated programs and services. Our Annual Fund Campaign is a tradition that has helped us raise millions of dollars over more than a century and a half to sustain our efforts. The power of your continued participation allows us to be an anchor to those in need in the community. 

Last year alone we provided $4,500,000 in uncompensated expenses and raised $2,193,997 towards these efforts.

Consider a Monetary Donation

Make a difference in the lives of seniors

Your gift, no matter the size, will help ease the worries many of the older adults we serve experience as they navigate through the stormy waters of life. 

The generosity of our donors is vital as we continue our efforts to provide a caring and supportive environment for older adults in our community. Donors have the option to give annually or on a monthly basis. Monetary gifts can also be made in the honor or memory of a loved one. Donations are recognized in our bi-yearly Development Dispatch magazine, at special events, and in our Annual Report.

In addition, gifts made prior to December 31st may benefit you by providing a charitable deduction and tax savings.  Please note that all donations will be directed solely for the designated program of your choice within the Maple Knoll Communities Foundation family.

Gifts to the 2023 Annual Fund can be made online via credit card or by mail via check. For more information, please contact our Development Department at 513-782-2488 or email

The Maple Knoll Communities' Foundation impacts the senior community through the following funds:

An Arboretum Committee at Maple Knoll Village was created when a group of residents saw a need to protect existing trees on our campus, increase the selection and diversity of species, and improve planning, standards, and care for trees. Gifts to the Arboretum Fund will go towards preserving this natural environment for residents’ health and wellbeing.

Our employees are vital to making our campus the unique family environment that it currently is and one way to support this outstanding group is through The Employee Engagement Fund, formerly known as The Good Samaritan Fund. These funds can be used for Emergency Support, Education, and Employee Appreciation. This could be assistance with funeral expenses for a loved one, rent, utilities, etc. It can also be directed towards helping an employee further their education, such as becoming a nurse to meet the needs of those in our care.

The Future Care Fund, a benevolent care program, acts as a voice for others and allows for our over 1,200 residents to live a life of peace and security. People today are living healthier and longer lives. Even when everything seems to be in order, people can still outlive their financial resources. The Future Care Fund provides for the care of residents who, through no fault of their own, need help. The assistance goes beyond the basics of senior care. It offers residents peace of mind and preserves their dignity, security, physical and emotional needs for the remainder of their lives.

We are committed to nurturing not only residents residing in our facilities but those dwelling in their own homes. Last year alone, outreach services illuminated the path for those in need and provided for 875 homebound senior citizens throughout 17 communities. This included providing transportation to 469 older adults by driving over 48,000 miles during 8,500 trips. Our Meals on Wheels program also delivered 85,000 meals to over 425 older adults. In addition, the program has allowed for over 2,500 pounds of dog food as well as various cleaning supplies that were delivered to help care for our client’s furry friends.

Services ensure that over 850 nursing residents a year maintain their dignity and pride no matter what level of nursing they may require. Insurance and Medicaid reimbursements do not cover the entire cost of care for each patient. Last year, we had $3,700,000 in total costs of healthcare in excess of reimbursements. Donations can be directed to necessary equipment or programming costs for those sending a signal for assistance.

Spiritual Life continues to be a major focus, and benefit, for our residents, staff and families. A gift to the Spiritual Life Fund can be used for necessary equipment in the Maple Knoll Chapel and to enhance programs and services such as counseling, grief support and more across our campuses.

The sustainability fund is a resident driven team which works with Maple Knoll Communities administration to become a greener and more sustainable community. Their efforts have included expanded recycling, usage of eco-friendly products, technology ventures, exploration of solar power, geo-thermal uses, sustainable gardens, electric vehicles and more. Gifts to the Fund will assist the Sustainability Team in paving the way for preserving the environment now and for future generations of Maple Knoll residents.

WMKV/WLHS is a member-supported public radio serving Greater Cincinnati, Butler and Warren Counties and streaming worldwide as a free service that provides radio companionship to over 30,000 listeners of all ages. WMKV/WLHS depends on the generosity of listeners, along with area foundation grants and program sponsors to continue being a nostalgic companion and educational resource for older adults in the community.

A Special Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors