About Us

​Maple Knoll Village is owned and operated by Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. a non-profit, continuum of services provider dedicated to helping older adults live happy, healthy and active lives. Maple Knoll strives to provide you with the means to live life the way you want to in your retirement years.
Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. includes the following exceptional retirement communities and services:

  • ​Maple Knoll Village
  • ​The Knolls of Oxford
  • ​Maple Knoll Outreach Services for Seniors
  • Three Maple Knoll Senior HUD Housing Facilities
  • ​Village Home Health and Hospice
  • ​WMKV 89.3/89.9 FM Radio Station
  • ​Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center
  • ​Hemsworth Wellness Center

Mission Statement
Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. is recognized as a growing provider of outstanding senior communities and services that allow those we serve to thrive in a stimulating and dignified environment. This will be accomplished through creativity and responsible fiscal stewardship.

Vision Statement
Maple Knoll strives to deliver the best lifestyle possible through its comprehensive options, amenities, and services. Maple Knoll strives to create the best time in life for its residents, clients and members.

Our History
For 170 years now, Maple Knoll Communities has enjoyed a reputation of excellence as one of the pioneer communities to serve older adults with innovation, integrity, respect, security and choice. Programs and services that impact 33,415 individuals, ranging in ages from 57 to 105, are provided through our retirement communities Maple Knoll Village and The Knolls of Oxford, Maple Knoll Outreach Services for Seniors, three affordable HUD Senior Living Residences, Village Home Health & Hospice, WMKV 89.3 & 89.9 FM Radio Station, a Montessori Child Center, and the Hemsworth Wellness Center.

Maple Knoll Communities is the surviving organization of three of Cincinnati’s oldest charities: The Widows’ and Old Men’s Home, the Bodmann Widows’ Home and the Maple Knoll Home. The charity of these organizations led the organization into future success. The longevity of Maple Knoll Communities is a testament of our quality, strength and perseverance in a tough economy where there is competing demand in senior care. Retirement Communities and Senior Service organizations have seen many changes over the years. Through these changes Maple Knoll Communities has continued to remain true to its non-profit mission of allowing those we serve to thrive in a stimulating and dignified environment. The organization has taken innovative steps in our operation planning to continue to push forward and to grow and provide quality through all of our programs and services.