Older man with Pet

Maple Knoll Village is proud to announce that Breese Manor Assisted Living apartments are now pet friendly providing the perfect living space for you and your furry friend!

Owners and their pets may reside in Breese Manor Assisted Living at Maple Knoll Village on a case by case basis.  Changes to the policy can be made at the discretion of Maple Knoll Village administration.  Exceptions will be made as necessary.  Wild or exotic animals, ferrets, or the like are not permitted.  Pets must be housebroken.  New pets may not be acquired after establishing residency at Maple Knoll without written administrative approval.

All pets shall be in good health and have a preventive health plan established by a veterinarian which complies with the recommendations of the ASPCA.  The health plan shall include an annual physical examination, rabies vaccination as required, parasite control and other medical testing appropriate for the species. Residents must provide vaccination records at time of move in.

The resident is solely responsible for the care of the pet.  When a pet owner is away from the apartment overnight, arrangements must be made to board the pet away from the facility.  It is recommended that the resident establish an agreement with another party to remove the pet should the resident experience a health emergency.  If necessary, administration will place the pet in a boarding facility at the resident’s expense until other arrangements can be made.

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