For some older adults, retirement might mean taking it easy, traveling the world, and relaxing. But for Maple Knoll Village resident, John Anderson, slowing down was never a part of the plan.

John has always had a passion for helping others that began long before he retired. During his time working at Procter and Gamble, John participated in the creation of P&Gs technology help center which continues to flourish today. After many well spent years at P&G, John decided to kick off his retirement by immediately starting to work again, only this time, he wasn’t getting paid.

He became a “friendly visitor” volunteer for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and has remained in this role for over 20 years. He has also spent a lot of time teaching illiterate adults to read through the Laubach Literacy program, assisted visually impaired older adults through local senior services, as well as volunteers with local Boy Scout troops.

In 2010, he made the move to Maple Knoll Village in order to receive extra care for his wife that had been diagnosed with Alzheimer ’s disease. As an individual who has spent a significant amount of time caring for his spouse, he has become a valuable and trusted resource among his peers in the community. He allows the nursing staff at Maple Knoll Village to share his contact information with others struggling to care for their spouse as he has been through it himself and can provide a unique perspective and support.

Additionally he serves as an intergenerational mentor with engineering and nursing students of the University of Cincinnati. He also regularly volunteers at the Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center by reading books to the students and spending time with them.

Recently, John was inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame to celebrate the many ways he continues to impact his community. This induction honors Ohioans that are over the age of 60 and go above and beyond to make their community, state, and nation stronger.

There is no one in the Cincinnati area more deserving of this award than John Anderson and we are so honored to have him be a part of our Maple Knoll Village community.

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