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Senior Living Services at Maple Knoll Village

At Maple Knoll Village, we believe your retirement years are best lived to the fullest. Our senior living services are designed to provide you with the freedom to live carefree knowing that daily upkeep is no longer a chore. Spend your time the way YOU want!

Distinctive Dining

The talented Morrison Living culinary team at Maple Knoll Village ensure dining is never boring. Each meal is carefully prepared with the freshest local ingredients to create a meal that is balanced, delicious, and healthy.

Whether you’re in the mood for savory chef prepared meal, coffee with friends, or on-the-go snacks, we can provide the food and experience you’re looking for. Private dining rooms are also available for special celebrations with family and friends.

Each level of care at Maple Knoll Village features their own restaurant style dining room. These designated spaces offer a fine dining setting, open seating, and daily specials that allow for an ever-changing menu.

In addition to daily specials, there is also a set menu allowing residents to order anything their hearts desire. Assisted living and skilled nursing chefs are trained to accommodate special diets ordered by the resident’s physician.

The Bistro on the Green, located right in the center of Main Street, offers a little something for everyone. Residents, family members, and visitors can enjoy freshly made to order soup and salads, unique food offerings, a pizza oven, beverage station, and more!

The bright and cheery décor and beautiful views of the Arboretum make The Bistro a very popular spot. The Bistro on the Green is open for breakfast and lunch to both community members and the public.

The Marketplace on Main offers grab-and-go items, beverages, and household essentials for residents and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents and staff may self-checkout with either their FOB or credit card.

The Marketplace also features a walk-up serving window to assist with larger events and teaching kitchen for resident cooking demonstrations.

Innovative Technology

Studies have found that today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than ever and eager to embrace things that can make their lives easier.

Maple Knoll Communities’ understands that retirement living wants and needs will look different than those of previous generations. Technology is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, and we are passionate about leveraging technology to help keep residents feeling safe, stimulated, and healthy.

Incorporating the latest innovation and technology throughout our communities allows Maple Knoll to provide more enhanced service offerings and in-house knowledge for residents. 

Residents enjoy technology integrated living in a variety of ways including smart lighting that automatically comes on should a resident get out of bed in the middle of the night to highlight potential hazards. 

Residents also enjoy the opportunity to go skydiving, explore Paris, or watch the Lion King on Broadway via their Mynd VR virtual reality headsets. Learn more about technology integrated living at Maple Knoll Village on the video to the left!

A collaboration with AHEAD allowed Maple Knoll the addition of the ServUS Technology Lab, a resource center that is open to residents on a regular basis.

Think of the ServUS Lab as a friendly, neighborhood “genius bar” catered to the residents of Maple Knoll Village. This space is designed to introduce residents to new technology and help them find ways to integrate smart devices into their daily lives by receiving one-on-one help with their questions.

The ServUS Lab takes away the hassle and pressure of big box stores for residents looking to purchase speakers, tablets, and even smartphones. Working with Maple Knoll staff they are already familiar with helps residents feel more at ease and comfortable knowing they will get honest answers and advice. Discounted wireless service for smartphones and tablets is available for residents to purchase from the comfort of their own home. 

Our staff recognizes how important hands-on training is when learning new technology. Our Communications Department offers regular technology training classes that build on previously learned skills. For example, in one class you may learn how to take a photo and in the next class you will learn how to edit or send a photo to a friend via email or text messaging.

Classes on how to sign up and use the Resident App are also offered for residents on a regular basis. Our affiliation with the University of Cincinnati also provides an opportunity for on-campus technology-based lectures courses focused on new or trending technology topics.

One of the more recent innovations brought to our campus is the CarePredict Tempo watch. This wearable safety device improves preventative care by providing remote emergency response. Sensors, machine learning, and gesture recognition algorithms work in-sync to learn the individual resident’s activity and behaviors. This allows the Tempo watch to better detect sudden changes or a decline in health.

Additionally, the Tempo watch can allow our campus to provide a more efficient response from staff. Residents are able to interact with staff via a two-way voice feature directly through their Tempo watch.

Our Information Technology Team is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for not only our residents, but also our communities as a whole. Regular upgrades to software systems, high-speed Wi-Fi both indoors and outdoors, and providing technological assistance are only a few of the many services our Information Technology department provides.

Residents and staff have the ability to place work orders for any technology help they may need via the Service Desk phone line or on their employee or resident app.

Maintenance Free Living

Our maintenance department is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for residents and guests. Residents are encouraged to submit work orders for any issues that arise so our team can ensure all resident spaces are fully functional and effective.

Daily upkeep is no longer a chore, thanks to our housekeeping staff. Residents receive weekly housekeeping for their apartment or villa from their assigned housekeeper. Housekeeping services allow you to spend your free time doing the things you want.

To learn more about the services offered at Maple Knoll Village, please contact our Marketing Department at (513) 782-2717.