Volunteers annually donate thousands of hours of their time and talents to provide meaningful experiences that benefit our residents. Over 267 volunteers have provided over 4,219 hours to enhance the lives of our residents through Pet Visits, Friendly Visitors, Activity Assistants, Activity Leaders, Floral arranging, Weaving instruction, Library Aides, Club Leaders, Montessori Child Center helpers, Painting Nails, Musicians, ReRun Clerks and Sorters, and assistance with special events. Since 1979 The Maple Leaf Auxiliary, comprised of 100 volunteers, has been sponsoring gifts to benefit the residents of Maple Knoll Village.

The Maple Knoll Ambassador program continues to excel as residents assist marketing, public relations and development departments in various activities and events. A total of 41 residents completed 1,600 volunteer hours.
We rely on our dedicated volunteers to help maintain the positive and supportive atmosphere we have created and the caring service they provide proves that each one has a personal commitment to serving others.

‘I love living here so much. I always promote it willingly and I am proud to be an MKV Ambassador.” –Kathleen Werenski, Maple Knoll Village resident and volunteer

Volunteers are a vital part of Maple Knoll Village. They give their time and talents to help older adults in need of assistance.

If you have just several hours a month to dedicate and seek a rewarding experience, consider becoming a Maple Knoll volunteer.

Available opportunities include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • WMKV 89.9FM Radio
  • Class / Craft Instructors
  • Wheelchair Pilot
  • Activity Assistant
  • Friendly Visitor
  • Pet Therapy
  • ReRun Second Hand Shop
  • Hospice Care Visitors
  • Sharing a talent of your choice

Volunteers are truly what makes Maple Knoll so much like home.

How to Begin

If you are interested in becoming a Maple Knoll Volunteer, contact Mary Kammer, Director of Volunteer Services at 513.782.2420.