Maple Knoll Village and The University of Cincinnati

Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community, is proud to be a leader in innovative services, accommodations and care. A formal collaboration with The University of Cincinnati has brought intergenerational relationships, opportunities to age in place, telehealth services and more to the halls of Maple Knoll. The collaboration, combined with renovated living accommodations and a full calendar of social, educational and recreational events, allows Maple Knoll to be in the forefront of care in the community as we head into our 168th year in existence!

The collaboration is based on a 30-year history of working together in nursing, medical, and pharmacy education and practice. In 2012, through a partnership with the UC College of Nursing, a villa on the campus of Maple Knoll was transformed into a learning and test environment for the development of technologies aimed at keeping seniors in their own homes or communities longer. The house serves as a location for experiential learning for students and volunteers in health care fields, engineering and other related areas. The Innovation Collaboratory is home to telehealth robots and patient simulators, and is now the testing ground for innovative student projects aimed at detecting falls, preventing medication errors and making life easier for an aging population.

The collaboration has expanded to include the use of Flo-bot, a telehealth robot, in Maple Knoll's Skilled Nursing Facility. The robot assists physicians in order to provide:

spacer• Patient assessment
spacer• Specialist treatments from remote locations
spacer• Quicker intervention
spacer• Fewer trips to ER
spacer• Better care at a lower cost

This unique partnership has the potential to:

spacer• Facilitate intraprofessional faculty and student innovation to create new technology, products, and
spacersystems. Involve consumers in systems and technology development to ensure person-centered
spacer• Reduce the cost of aging in place by creating more cost effective systems that are affordable to older
spacer• Substantially improve the quality of life at home for caregivers and older adults
spacer• Provide interprofessional, evidence-based education on assisting older adults while leveraging
spacertechnology for health monitoring and assistance
spacer• Provide access to expert care from any location
spacer• Lower Hospital readmission rates
spacer• Allow for hands on education, interviews and practice with students and residents
spacer• Create opportunities for established businesses to test products that have the potential to improve
spacerquality of life and maintain independence
spacer• Create a national "Home Stabilization" call system that will generate 100s of jobs for Ohioans

For more information on the Maple Knoll and University of Cincinnati Collaboration please call 513.782.2423.


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