Food is an important part of retirement living. Maple Knoll Village is proud to offer their residents a variety of food options for dining in retirement living.

Dining Room
The renovated Beecher Dining Room offers a fine dining setting, open seating and daily specials that allow for an ever changing menu. In addition, there is a set menu, as well as daily specials allowing residents to order anything their hearts desire.

The Main Street Café
The Main Street Café, located on Main Street, right in the center of the village, offers a little something for everyone. The menu ranges from pancakes to salads to sandwiches and even serves low fat ice cream. The bright colors and delicious smells seem to be drawing in quite a crowd.

 The café is conveniently open seven days a week to offer a dining option to not only residents, but their family, guests and other Maple Knoll visitors. This friendly dining experience is open Monday through Friday from 8AM-6PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM- 6PM. The bright and cheery décor, beautiful view of the Life Enriching Gardens and exciting daily specials makes the new addition to Maple Knoll Village a very popular spot.

NOTE: Manor House Restaurant- Permanently CLOSED


To: Maple Knoll Communities’ Residents, Staff and Guests

From: Jim Formal, President and CEO

Date: 5/12/2020

Re: Manor House Restaurant Change in Operation

After thorough research of local Springdale dining industry, years of decline in Manor House attendance, significant losses for Maple Knoll Communities, and the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided that the Manor House will not reopen as a public restaurant. For the past 6 months, our administration has been diligently working with two outside dining consultants to review all of our dining services and provide ideas, suggestions and roadmaps to help us improve dining options throughout campus. As part of this review by two separate companies, both concluded that it is in Maple Knoll Communities’ best interest to close the Manor House as it exists in its current form.

Although we anticipate that some individuals will not favor this decision and it was not something we took lightly, we are optimistic because it will allow us to stay true to our mission and provide opportunities to significantly enhance the culinary offerings at all other campus venues. Any plan that would have maintained the Manor House as a restaurant would have required a mandatory meal plan for all Independent Living Residents. We further investigated with surveys and focus groups and concluded that our residents would not prefer that option.

Our new plan moving forward doesn’t just call for the closure of the Manor House, but also includes significant renovations to our Main Street Café allowing for a new menu, hours of operation, seating and marketplace. As mentioned above, additional expenses related to our COVID-19 efforts to keep residents and staff safe as well as loss of revenue have greatly impacted our overall operating budget and have forced us to continue to evaluate our options. Regardless, the goal for the Café is to become a social and engaging environment for residents and their guests. Future enhancements will also be made to Beecher Place Dining Room, Breese Manor Dining Room and Bodmann Dining Services in the upcoming year to allow for new menu options, unique offerings and interactive culinary activities.

We continue to meet as an Executive Team, with our Board of Directors and with dining consultants, to discuss the options surrounding the re-purposing of the Manor House Restaurant. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work towards the common goal of elevating the dining experience for all of those we serve.