Speaker Bureau

The next time your group needs a speaker, why not call Maple Knoll?

Our speakers are available to present a wide range of family-friendly topics or we can customize a program to meet your group’s needs at no charge. Some of our topics include the following:

• How (and When) to Select a Good Retirement Community
• Rehabilitation and Medicare
• Wellness Past 50: Staying Well Holistically and Alternative Paths to Wellness
• Old Time Radio in Cincinnati
• Preventing Falls in the Home
• The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships
• Simple Ways to Maintain Flexibility and Strength No Matter What Your Age
• Ministering to Caregivers
• How to Select an Assisted Living That’s Right for Someone You Love
• Spiritual Wholeness for the Older Adult
• About Maple Knoll Village: 1848 to Today
• The Basics of Home Health Care

Contact the Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. Speakers Bureau at 513-782-2423.