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At Maple Knoll Village, we are dedicated to educating and being a resource for all things related to senior living for our friends and neighbors in the Cincinnati area.

That’s why we created our two public newsletters: the Retirement Resource and the Development Dispatch.

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Retirement Resource

The Retirement Resource provides a plethora of helpful information for retirees ranging in topics anywhere from health and wellness to the continuous advancements Maple Knoll Village makes to our campus as the needs and wants of our residents change. We also include a different resident spotlight in each issue- so you can hear from the residents themselves on what life at Maple Knoll Village is really like.

Development Dispatch

The Development Dispatch highlights philanthropy efforts across our campuses and recognizes the generosity of our supporters.  

The Development Dispatch also provides educational information related to finances and fraudulent activity in order to educate and protect our clients and friends.

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