Must Have Apps for Seniors

Smart phones and electronic tablets, such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and iPads,  are becoming a must have for seniors today. It’s the application or “apps” that make these devices so useful.  Apps turn our phones in to mini computers that put resources, information and amusement right in our hands.  Here are some apps that many seniors find invaluable. Simple Phone Seniors Phonotto Today’s smart phones can be overwhelming with apps, widgets, and other things on the screen, some seniors want to turn their “smart” phone into a basic handset that is easy to use and easy to see.  Simple Phone Seniors Phonotto makes using your smart phone easy.  The large touch screen buttons allow you to quickly and easily make phone calls and send or receive text messages.  Skype Make video calls to your children, grandchildren, or friends, wherever they live.  You’re no longer confined to a video call from your computer.  Using a smart phone capable of running the Skype app allows you to video call anyone who has Skype; regardless of whether it’s on their computer or mobile phone.  Many newer smart phones have front facing cameras in addition to the camera on the backside of the device, so video calls are easy.  Valpak Ever leave home to go shopping or head out for dinner and realize you left your coupons on the kitchen counter?  Now you can download the Valpak app and bring local coupons up on your phone.  Many retailers will accept the mobile version of their coupons and the app sorts them by category and location, so finding what you are looking for is easy.  Audio book – aging This is an audio book that discusses the changes that people experience as they age.  Physical and psychological changes occur as one ages and the chapters in this audio book discuss those changes as well as provide tips on maintaining health, life in retirement communities, protecting your skin, and how to cover up minor blemishes caused by aging.  iTriage Feeling a bit under the weather or have an unusual pain and wondering what may be the cause?  iTriage allows you to search symptoms and learn about potential causes.  Information about diseases, procedures, and medications is also available along with a directory of hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies.  Senior Golf Guide This app is designed to help seniors improve their golf game or for some, how to get started if they have never played.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro ,this app provides all the tips and tricks to be a better golfer.  It discusses the exercises you should do before hitting the course, the snacks you should take with you to keep your body fueled, and tips for warming up to avoid injury.  Brain Genius Deluxe Exercise your mind, quiz yourself, and keep your brain active.  This app has many fun exercises for your brain.  The games analyze your observation, memory, calculation, and reasoning abilities.  The more you play, the stronger you mind becomes.  Just like muscles in your body, the more training you do the more brain power you develop.  Amazon Mobile If you’ve ever shopped on you know there are deals to be had.  Now, you can do your shopping on the go.  Even better, if you are at a retailer and want to compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal, use your Amazon app to scan the barcode of the product.  Compare their price to Amazon’s.  If Amazon’s is better, with one click you can order the product and have it to your door within a day or two. Before loading apps to your phone or tablet, keep in mind that some are free while others charge a minimal one-time fee.  Further, some apps may not be compatible with certain smart phones.  What’s available for an iPhones might not work on an Android, but most do work on all platforms.  The fun part of apps is exploring and finding out what works best for your lifestyle. 
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