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Child Center

Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center is a private school located in the Maple Knoll Village retirement community.

At Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center, we are committed to a genuine Montessori program. We are a private school located in the Maple Knoll Village Retirement village. Founded in 1977, Maple Knoll Child Center is a school for children that is based on the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Maple Knoll Montessori Child Center was voted the Most Loved Preschool of 2021 by HulaFrog and the Best Preschool in Cincinnati’s 2021 Best of the Best Choice awards!

child at monessori child center

Maple Knoll Child Center is available to children ranging from 3 to 6 years of age

At this stage of development, a child’s inherent desire to learn becomes apparent. Concentration, coordination, independence, and a sense of order are encouraged during this phase of the child’s education at Maple Knoll Child Center. Parents will see their child developing initiative, inner discipline, and a deep respect for themselves, others, and their environment.

Our preschool/kindergarten program offers a morning option, which runs Monday through Friday from 8:45 AM – 11:45 AM or a full-day option, which runs Monday through Friday from 8:45 AM – 3:45 PM with extended hours available.

Our program uses the Montessori philosophy of education through the training of the senses. In The Montessori Method, Maria Montessori stated that “the education of the senses must assume the greatest importance,” and the Montessori materials “cause the child to exercise the senses.” The school is equipped fully with the Montessori materials of daily living, sensorial, math, language, art, science, and geography.


Morning 5-day class (8:45a – 11:45a) $4750
Full Day Class (8:45a – 3:45p) $8910

Partial Full Day programs:
3 full days and 2 half days $7065
2 full days and 3 half days $6750

Need additional days and times? Contact us.

What is Montessori?

The mission of the Montessori pre primary program is to help young children live fully, promoting and encouraging respect, independence, self-motivation, and inner discipline. We strive to aid in the child’s physical, emotional, social, mental, familial and spiritual development.

Manipulation of a wide variety of specially designed apparatus helps develop the child’s sensory motor skills. A health and skill related physical fitness program, perceptual motor development program and group activities provide opportunities for focusing on specific areas of posturing, balance, movement, coordination and control as dictated by the child’s needs and development level. Health-supporting nutrition and food program is emphasized in the snack, food preparation and lunch program.

In an atmosphere of genuine respect for the uniqueness of each person, each child is helping in the learning process of experiencing, identifying and expressing his/her feelings in appropriate ways. The classroom materials are presented to the children according to their needs and developmental level, so that they are challenged, yet experience success. The child is free to work at their own rate, repeating an activity as often as they like. Each new step is built on what the child has already mastered, so that success after success builds an inner confidence with the child feeling assured that they can learn independently. Thus confidence, independence, self-awareness and respect deepen, resulting in a positive feeling about self, school, learning and teacher.

With the freedom of social interaction and personal choice, working alone, with another, or in a group, the child learns to cooperate, as well as to retrain spontaneous impulses, which might infringe upon the rights of others. Through tasks in which the ground rules limit, as well as foster their spontaneity, the children gradually develop an understanding and appreciation of what is meant by “respect for others.” Role playing activities, positive reinforcement of ground rules, problem solving techniques an assertiveness training are a part of the social/emotional education, which aids in the social perspective taking process.

Through a series of absorbing experiences, the children form the habit of extended attention and thus increase their ability to concentrate. Their natural curiosity is fostered by providing opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions, patterns and relationships among a variety of stimulating learning situation and materials. Their abilities to judge and discriminate are sharpened. By participating in well-planned daily living, sensorial, language, mathematical, cultural, art, music, drama, social and natural science activities, the children acquire the concrete perceptual experiences needed for more abstract conceptual learning.

In an atmosphere of calm, gentleness and respect, with the deepest regard for the spirit within, the child may come to an increased awareness of their inner self, the development of directness and inner discipline (to coordinate and control their own body). A sense of responsibility (ability to respond), a sensitivity to and respect for themselves and others, an awareness and appreciation of beauty, nature and silence are also a part of the development of spirit.

child at monessori child center

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Intergenerational Program

The Intergenerational Program provides meaningful and continual activities and experiences that are mutually beneficial and developmentally appropriate for both the younger and older persons involved.

The Child Center provides for the children realistic experiences with active, healthy, older adults and also with the informed aged, in order to develop an increased awareness and understanding of elderly persons and aging as a normal life process which people experience in different ways.

The Child Center staff works in collaboration with other departments (Activities, Social Work, Nursing, Volunteer, O.T., P.R.) to continually develop and coordinate activities and programs that will respond to the needs of individual residents and children.


Happy Birthday Dr. Montessori

Maple Knoll Child Center was established in 1977 as an integral part of Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale, OH, to integrate the community on a generational basis and to provide an intergenerational experience for the residents of the campus community and the children of the Montessori Early Childhood Education program at the Child Center.

We have provided a program of excellence in the field of Montessori and early childhood education with commendation from the American Montessori Society. MKCC is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and has consistently received annual renewal with excellent compliance with the Rules and Regulations Governing Child Day Care Centers.

Graduates of the Child Center are now in high school, college, working, or married, some returning to the Child Center to volunteer as Junior counselors in the Summer Camp. Two have become certified Montessori teachers and one alumna has enrolled her child in the Child Center. As they return to visit, remembering the ‘golden bead’ or the ‘pink blocks’, it is a joy to see who they have become, feeling deep pride and connection with them.

Maple Knoll Child Center has been featured on the CBS News Sunday Morning program with Charles Karault, the subject of numerous newspaper articles and an article in McCall’s magazine. Maple Knoll Child Center was the recipient of the Ohio Governor’s Call To Service Award encouraging Intergenerational Volunteerism presented by Governor Richard F. Celeste to Nancy Drobish Lloyd as Director of the Child Center in Columbus, OH on April 28, 1989.