Maple Knoll Village Retirement Community Selects Meru Uninterrupted Care Network to Enhance the Care, Safety and Satisfaction of Older Adults

Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale, has taken once step further to provide up to date care and resources for those they serve. Maple Knoll has deployed a Meru Uninterrupted Care Network to support more than 700 residents. With a highly reliable, pervasive Wi-Fi network that spans the 54-acre campus, Maple Knoll Village has enhanced the care and safety of its residents, improved staff productivity, and increased resident satisfaction. “Our caregiving staff has so much more mobility now,” said Andrew Craig, IT director at Maple Knolls Village. “Staff can use their laptops or tablets at the patients’ bedsides in the skilled nursing care facility, in residents’ homes in the independent living and assisted living community, or do follow-up visits with residents who were recently ill. Our staff has access to medical information and resources to care for our residents and patients wherever and whenever they need it.” The Meru Wi-Fi network blankets Maple Knoll’s campus, which includes independent living villas and apartments, assisted living facilities, a skilled nursing facility, a wellness center, a rehabilitation center Montessori child center, and hospice center. The wireless LAN supports Maple Knoll’s electronic medical records, nurse call systems, patient location tracking system, IP phone systems and business operations. Wi-Fi is a valued amenity for the residents, too. Residents can use their tablets and laptops anywhere from the gardens to their living rooms to stay in touch with friends and family, check social media sites, watch movies and stay informed. Meru’s Uninterrupted Care Network (UCN™) enables IT departments to create separate Wi-Fi channel layers. This allows hospitals to offer the benefits of mobility for Wi-Fi enabled “Life Critical” devices such as telemetry and to help ensure reliable connectivity for those devices on their own dedicated wireless channel layers. Three Layers of UCN • Life Critical: One set of wireless channels can be dedicated for life critical applications and devices like smart infusion pumps and Wi-Fi enabled telemetry devices and for carrying wireless traffic only associated with these applications. Centralized monitoring conducted by Wi-Fi enabled devices is not only designed to improve clinician productivity, but may also help hospital in improving patient safety. • Mission Critical: A second channel layer can be dedicated for “Mission Critical” applications and devices to provide reliable connectivity and QoS for mobile enterprise applications such as EMR, VoIP, Citrix based CPOE and barcode medicine administration. This is designed to improve clinician productivity and increase patient satisfaction (HCAHPS). • Consumer Critical: UCN can also provide a “Consumer-Critical” layer, to enable patients to connect with friends and family using the Internet. Such family interaction has been shown to positively impact patient mood and treatment outcome, thus improving patient satisfaction scores. “The Meru Uninterrupted Care Network empowers healthcare providers to improve patient safety, increase staff productivity, and ensure resident satisfaction,” said Sarosh Vesuna, vice president and general manager of Meru’s healthcare business unit. “With Meru’s channel layering technology, Maple Knoll has been able to create separate, dedicated channels for life-critical, mission-critical, and consumer-critical applications and ensure optimal performance for all applications.” For more information on Maple Knoll Village or the Meru Care Network at Maple Knoll please call 513.782.2423. home health computer resize
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