Maple Knoll Village Residents Becoming Tech Savy With The Help of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

The residents of Maple Knoll Village, a non-profit continuing care retirement community in Springdale, pride themselves on being technologically up to date in a world that is constantly changing. A new program with The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County will now help them continue on this path and change their way of receiving information. ipad program 005 The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has loaned iPads to residents living at Maple Knoll Village for the purpose of downloading electronic books from the Library’s website ( and using other resources both on the iPad itself and on the internet. Not only will residents be able to use all programs currently on the iPad, but The Library will have access to the iPad through remote software. This will allow the Library to load and update apps and software on the iPad, and to troubleshoot problems. This will ensure that the residents are in touch with the latest technology and will help The Library determine how older adults are using and accessing technology today. Megan Gresham, Director of Communications for Maple Knoll Communities, shares that “there are many ways that using an iPad can improve the lives of our seniors. As eyesight fades and it becomes harder and harder to see the printed page but iPads offer the ability to adjust the type to a size that is easy for you to read. This also allows quick and easy access to the internet and to apps they may otherwise never see.” It is becoming more and more evident that this technology revolution is not just for kids and with the help of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Maple Knoll residents will learn this firsthand.
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