Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care 12-2017

In 1848 a group of protestant Christian women formed an association for the care of aged indigent women in Cincinnati. This home setting provided spiritual care with morning and evening prayers, grace before meals, and Sunday chapel services for the residents and staff. Hospitality was extended to those who visited for religious purposes, especially to local ministers. Since our origins, we have remained an inclusive non-denominational institution..

Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. is a Spiritual Organization. What is spirituality? Uplifting our spirits, beliefs and values, harmony and balance, morals, a concept of God, our changes and hopes through life's journey, meaning and purpose; all of these speak of spirituality in broad sweeping terms. Maple Knoll encourages elders and employees to share their spiritual experiences and hopes. Because we are non-denominational, we expect our employees to refrain from "converting" others to their particular religious belief and for everyone to be respectful of the many diverse faiths represented throughout Maple Knoll.

 In 1996 our spiritual care department was formed with the services of two full time chaplains. Spiritual Care of the chaplains is viewed as secondary to and supportive of the ministry of a persons' own church, synagogue or mosque.

​Mission Statement

The mission of Maple Knoll Communities, Inc. Spiritual Care Services is to assist all residents and staff to reach their highest potential as individuals in giving glory to God and in seeking independence, good health, personal fulfillment, and a deeper knowledge of God. Chaplains serve all residents and staff without discrimination and with keen recognition of each individual's privacy, dignity, worth, and level of faith.