Geriatric Evaluation Center

Geriatric Evaluation Center

​The Geriatric Evaluation Center was created to provide special care for older adults and their families, whether it’s a complete medical evaluation or advice about a lifestyle question. Conveniently located at Maple Knoll Village in Springdale, the center offers expert advice to manage health concerns and maintain the well-being of people 65 and older.

What to Expect:

  • ​When you call The Geriatric Evaluation Center, we will take the time to talk with you about your specific concerns then schedule an appointment for a thorough assessment.
  • ​You’ll receive a confirmation packet in the mail that includes a medical record release form(s) so you may request any pertinent medical records be forwarded to our office in advance of the appointment.
  • ​You should plan on spending two hours with our team for a comprehensive physical examination and meetings with appropriate medical specialists. This time is used to put together a comprehensive medical picture, so we can make the best treatment recommendations.
  • ​A one-hour return follow-up appointment is scheduled one week after the first assessment. This is an opportunity for you and your family to ask additional questions and learn about our recommendations.
  • ​Upon your signed release, all information will be shared fully with you and your family members as well as with your personal physician.

Services Provided:

  • ​Comprehensive medical assessment and diagnostic evaluation
  • ​Special guidance with problems of memory loss
  • ​Assistance with proactive planning
  • ​Assessment of complications caused by multiple medications
  • ​Help with problems of falling
  • ​Telephone information service to identify and locate community services and other resources useful to older adults and their families
  • ​Guidance with long-term living arrangements, in-home or relocation alternatives

Each evaluation is tailored to your specific needs. Our role is to determine the reasonable steps necessary to make life easier and more satisfying. In every case, we try to find a solution that will allow a person to remain as independent as possible.

The Geriatric Evaluation Center is a clinical service of University Family Physicians, Inc.

Located at:

Maple Knoll Village

640 Maple Trace

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246