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In a recent meeting, the Marketing Department announced that Maple Knoll Village will begin posting blog entries on our website. Their enthusiastic sales pitch had me thinking this was a great idea! It wasn’t until I learned they would call upon me for the first entry, that I questioned whether this form of communication was necessary.  I don’t tweet or write on pretend “walls” so what could I possibly contribute to a blog? Not entirely sure what a blog is, I decided some information gathering was in order before writing anything.  I Googled the word and up popped Wikipedia with their definition.  A blog is part of a website… with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material… also used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content…. interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and message each other…share photos, podcasts…. The sharing aspect is intriguing.  A Maple Knoll Village blog would allow various departments to chime in, contributing ideas, thoughts and keeping us up to date on what’s happening in their corner of our community. As CEO of the organization, I’m interested in the interactive feature of a blog.  Listening is essential to providing the best possible environment for our residents and employees.  Receiving feedback allows us to fine tune what exists and consider what doesn’t.  Within our blog, we can provide links to various resources that our readers may find of interest.  The idea of streamlining information on the Internet and making it easier to find is appealing.  Our electronic community will come closer together by sharing links to photos through  Flickr, WMKV podcasts through iTunes and videos through YouTube.  Plus you can visit our sister sites, like the Knolls of Oxford, with just a click.  A blog is a great idea! We can argue, as the parent of two teenagers I often do, that new technology is driving us apart.  The reality is, never before have we been closer.  The miles that keep families apart disappear when we use Skype.  The years that come between old friends diminish by reconnecting on Facebook.  Even I have learned to embrace texting as a form to communicate with my own children. I hope you will join me as we continue on this technological journey.  One that involves sharing information, ideas and thoughts.  A journey that will continue to bring us closer together as a community.   An Afterthought…. Technology is changing rapidly and impacting our lives on a daily basis.  After reading through this entry, I realized how much has changed since the birth of my children, a mere 15 years ago. Much of what is written wouldn’t have made sense in 1995.    Twelve items or words listed above did not exist in their current context.  Can you find them?   Email our communications director at bschulte@mkcommunities.org and we will treat you to lunch. Sincerely, Jim Formal President and CEO Maple Knoll Communities
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nathen P. Edwards - July 23, 2011 Reply

Where-what are your rates for the various facilities and services??

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