5 Tips to Make Going On Vacation Easier for Caregivers

With summer upon us, many care givers will choose to take a vacation, leaving older parents on their own.  Here are a few simple steps to make planning, and enjoying, vacation a little easier!  1.  Arrange with a friend or neighbor to take your place and be the local emergency contact or someone to run errands if needed.
  • Make sure your parents have their phone numbers.
  • Make sure your friends have extra house keys, car keys etc. for your parents.
2.  Stock up on the things your parents need you to run errands for. Even if they still drive, you can make sure they are not making too many trips.
  • Make sure their prescriptions are filled.
  • Groceries
3.  If you normally help with chores such as yard work or heavy housekeeping, have that completed before you leave or hire someone to fill in. They might try to tackle jobs that are dangerous for them while you are gone. Make sure their car is in good repair, not going to have flat tires while you are out-of-town. Make sure they also have a list of numbers to call for any household problems, plumbers, a handyman, mechanic. 4.  Leave your vacation itinerary, contact phone numbers, with your parents and the friend that is helping out. Their physician’s number, pharmacy, medical POA,  and insurance information should also be available. Remember to take all of this information with you too in case you are case-managing on the road. 5.  If your parents are frail and you normally make a daily visit, arrange for someone else to do this. If there is not family or friends nearby, hire a nursing agency to do this daily while you are away. Most importantly…enjoy a well deserved break!
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